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Dance classes and more...

Newest classes include Novo Mums and Tinies and Adult Pilates.

Please click here if you wish to find out more about our Pilates class

Other classes include:

Ballet , Tap, Modern, Acrobatics, Tricks and Tumble, Extreme Stretch, Festivals/Competition, Adult Tap, Adults Dance Fit and Troupe.

Please see our timetable for more information.


Terriann Flint

Very supportive teachers make myself and my children feel welcome

Melissa Varney

Moved my children here from another school and the difference it’s made is amazing. The teachers are supportive and approachable and lovely. They all have different styles of teaching so if someone doesn’t understand what to do another teacher can help. The smiles and laughter from the children is all the recommendation needed.

Suzie Welstead

"Just got back from a fab session with great teachers.. if your looking for a session that works your whole body and adds a bit of fun go fit it.. I highly recommend you give it a go."

Emma Clarkson

Myself and my daughter would absolutely hand on heart recommend NOVO, the teachers are so approachable and caring. Teaching ballet, modern and tap in a unique fresh and modern way.


They inspire them all to challenge and push their abilities and to see my daughter come out smiling and full of tales at the end is wonderful.


A very uplifting experience for all children. I also do an adult fitness class on a Wednesday night which is a right hoot. I have no coordination and 2 left feet but there is no judgement to be seen. just help when it's needed.
NOVO is 5*

What People say
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